Sharing our love: it’s about more than the cans!

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Sharing our love: it’s about more than the cans!

Post by aimeesnelgrove on Mon May 15, 2017 5:16 pm

Kia ora all,

Here's my thinking around my workshop at the moment for you to have a looksie at! It's connected to the community and has links to the cans, but is so much more than the cans! Any suggestions/improvements/dramatic changes gladly received!

Plan A
The learners will be making connections with our chosen primary school that involves more than collecting cans and giving them to them. The idea would be that they organise something to do with the primary school and ensure it happens. This would involve making contact with the school to see when we can go and who we can work with. It would involve planning and running activities/assembly etc.

Plan B
If this isn’t possible, the idea would be to select a specific target group in our community to help. This could involve the local early childhood centres, the retirement village or similar. The idea is that they physically go there so are giving their time.


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